About Rainbow House Kenya

Rainbow House Children’s Home was opened in 2007 in Gede, Kenya and is home to 43 children, ranging from 1-17 years of age.


These children were brought to Rainbow at various ages due to the destitute families and families suffering from HIV / AIDS related illnesses. Since Rainbow House is a Children’s Home and not orphanage, some children still do have a single family member living, but are too destitute to properly take care of them. Of the 43 children, 14 are permanent residents without family members.


The home provides a safe and caring environment for these children and works closely with the local community.


The home was created by Lynda Ferrin, who has now moved back to England and in 2016 Jonathan Cowan became the new director of a UK Charity called Rainbow House, Kenya Ltd. RHK and with Heart of Ruth Commission from Canada combine their resources to grow and improve facilities at Rainbow House.


Many projects are underway to improve facilities for all the residents and community providing education opportunities and financial support to facilitate growth and self-sustainability.


On site Rainbow House Academy is now well established and two new classrooms have been added. This is where nearly 100 students come from the local area to learn at a nursery and primary level. The school is run by head teacher Samuel Bugo with further teachers and altogether Rainbow House Children’s Home employ 14 staff from the local community.


All of the children are encouraged to engage in community activity and fund raising and over the Christmas period Team Rainbow visited a number of hotels to sell Rainbow House / Kenya bracelets to raise funds.






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