New Rainbow Academy School

Rainbow Academy needs to be moved from the main site and we have plans to also create a secondary school independent from the home.


Rainbow Academy is neatly fitted into the existing campus however provides a conflict with the existing home.


The purchase of the adjacent acre of land now provides excellent opportunities to move the Academy onto purpose built new classrooms with the ability to also expand and create a secondary school, all under the guidance of the head teacher Samuel Bugo and his three other teachers Peris Mwagona, Ross Mapenzi and Soni Kahindi.


We would like to provide private competitively priced local education for the local community from Nursery school through to 18.


Funds required

Relocate Rainbow Academy £5,000 Sterling   [£625,00 Kenyan shillings]

New 3 class rooms secondary school £10,000 Sterling   [£1,250,000 Kenyan Shillings]

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