Rainbow Farm

The Rainbow Farm is now well established and multiple crops have successfully been planted and harvested. The newly purchased one acre of land is being well used and crops such as maize (corn), beans, cassava, green peas, mango trees and a cashew nut tree are all producing harvests.
We have also recently harvested Okra, tomatoes, kale, chili and watermelon amongst other vegetation. The children and staff have also had great fun in assisting with the planting and farming

Recently, there has been a greater concentration on livestock, including a cow, pigs and chickens with a view to possibly breeding rabbits and goats. The pigs have proved to be successful and the cow produces milk for the children at Rainbow House.

Pigs are very much in demand in Kenya and our sow produced 7 recently. Local hotels donate their swill and buy back the pigs as meat. We wish to increase production of pork products.

We have been very lucky with the monsoon rains over the last season and so the farm is flourishing. Currently this is being used solely for the consumption of the Rainbow children.

If you want to make a real difference to this project, please contact us regarding the donation of livestock and seeds.


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