What To Do In Watamu

Watamu is a small picturesque fishing town on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya

The shoreline in the area features white sand beaches and offshore coral formations arranged in to different bays and beaches and is rated the third best beaches in Africa, for it crystal clear water and silver sand beaches.

They are protected as part of the Watamu Marine National Park. The Marine Park is considered one of the best snorkelling and diving areas on the coast of East Africa.


In order to assist the managing authorities namely Kenyan Wildlife Service, in protecting the Park, local community groups, the tourist sector and environmental groups have formed a unique organisation, Watamu Marine Association Members of this group are Turtle Bay, Hemingways, Ocean Sports, Arocha Kenya, Lonno Lodge, Mida Community Conservation group, Watamu Boat Operators, Safari Sellers and women’s group.


It is ideal for swimming, walking and sunbathing. You can explore the rock pools at low tide and find brightly coloured fish and witness the site of many beautiful sea birds milling along the shoreline. As part of the Watamu Marine National Park, the beach is strictly protected as a turtle nesting site so there are no noisy jet skis to spoil your peace and tranquillity.


However, sailing, wind and kite surfing, scuba diving and snorkeling are amongst the attractions and there is a big game fishing base towards the northern end near the local small and medium sized hotels.


From Watamu many operators such as Tribe Watersports provide kite surfing and other waterborn activities. It is also possible to venture on day safaris or longer to see wildlife and inland Africa.


Old ruins at Gede and the forests around the Creek provide areas to explore


A wide variety of hotels and self catering apartments and houses are available through Watamu Property services and our friends at Turtle Bay Resort.


There is also a strong Italian influence reflected in many find Pizzerias and tavernas for lunches and evenings out.